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It's a cross-platform crypto wallet, therefore it works on all iPhone and Android mobile phones, as well on Chrome as an extension.

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Creating a new wallet will give you access to all Moonlet features. Make sure to save your secret phrase in a secure and safe place. It's extremely important not to lose it!


In case you need to get access to your existing wallet, this would be your option. Recovering an existing wallet from your secret phrase will allow you to access your "old" addresses.


Connecting Moonlet, a HOT wallet, to a Ledger device, a COLD wallet, it's a wise alternative of holding your crypto assets. This method is suitable for long term "HODLers."

Add $ZIL

There are many leading cryptocurrency exchanges to buy $ZIL. Below are a few we endorse. Once you bought your $ZIL, send them to Moonlet to stake your $ZIL and start gaining rewards.

Quick Stake

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This is the quickest way to stake your $ZIL within Moonlet. You have the option to either stake to one node or to multiple nodes. It requires only a few simple steps to stake your tokens.

Step 1

Tap Stake Now button from Zilliqa dashboard.

Step 2

Select the nodes where you want to stake your $ZIL.

Step 3

Confirm $ZIL amount and sign all transactions.

Step 4

Wait to complete transactions. Pull down to refresh.

Zilliqa Nodes

48% - 4%




14 days


48% - 4%




14 days


*The staking interest rate or the rewards would be between 48.73% and 4.87%, based on the percentage of circulating supply staked. For instance, assuming that 80% of circulating supply will be staked the interest rate would be around 6%.

**Moonlet and Zillacracy will be leading with a staking commission of 2.5%! Staking commission is being discounted for the first month of launch and will increase gradually to 10%. Staking commission is charged only on your APR meaning that if you can claim 1000 ZIL staking reward a 2,5% staking commission would translate to 25 $ZIL.

Widgets & Notifications


In order to be able to use your rewards, you need to claim them first. This widget will stand out on your account page when rewards become claimable.


In case you decide to unstake your $ZIL, it takes roughly 14 days in order to be able to withdraw the amount. This widget will stand out on your account page once the funds become withdrawable.

Ledger Ready

Ledger Nano S/X devices can readily be used with Moonlet, so you can securely manage your crypto assets.


Instead to just holding $ZIL in your wallet, you can start staking to Zilliqa nodes in a non-custodial manner and earn rewards each protocol cycle.

Claim Rewards

Once you reached a desired threshold, you can claim your rewards from each node page at any point in time. Just tap on "Claim rewards" and follow the steps.

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If you want to move your current stake, totally or just a portion, from a node to other one, this can be done by restaking your $ZIL.


In case you want to unstake your $ZIL, it requires to pass an unbonding period, roughly 14 days or 2 weeks.

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Staking is the process of pushing Zilliqa network’s decentralisation to a new level while bringing more benefits to its wider community. Staking is one way to get rewards from your $ZIL as you “HODL” them.

The effective earning depends on many dynamic variables. For instance, assuming that 80% from circulating supply is staked, namely 10,876,066,600 ZIL, the staking reward rate would be around 6%.

Each seed node operator will apply a fee in order to be able to cover all their operational expenses. Basically a % from your final reward rate. More details will be revealed close to launch date.

Yes, you can. Moonlet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to manage, stake and send smoothly different crypto assets, being handy for any long-term investors or “HODLers”. It’s basically a tool or an interface that can be used to interact with Zilliqa blockchain network.

Yes, you can. Using both Moonlet and Ledger wallets all-together, basically a HOT and a COLD wallet, makes this method particularly suitable for “HODLers”, which can securely manage, stake and spend securely their crypto assets.

gZIL is short for governance $ZIL. gZILs is an ZRC-2 compliant fungible tokens that will be earned alongside staking rewards. The rationale behind issuing gZILs is to capture long-term token holders and give them access to governance tokens that they can later use to make ecosystem-wide decisions.

There is a maximum number of gZIL that will be issued, namely 682,550. This is 1/1000 of the total ZIL reward available for staking on an annual basis. In other words, for every 1000 ZIL earned as staking reward, 1 gZIL will be issued.

Yes, there is. Once you made an unstake request, you will have to wait for the unbonding period (initially proposed to be roughly 2 weeks) to expire. Upon expiry of the unbonding period, you may claim back the tokens which get moved from the contract to your address. Please bear in mind that you will not earn rewards during the unbonding period.

There is no unbonding period for reward withdrawals though. Any reward earned through staking can be withdrawn as soon as they have been distributed.

Let's talk

Please feel free to get in contact with us. We are always open to receive feedback or discuss about business opportunities. As well, don’t hesitate to let us know if something doesn’t work as it should.