The effective earning depends on many dynamic variables on each blockchain protocol level. The above results are predictions, therefore we can not guarantee the final earnings. As well, a fee will apply in order to cover all our operational expenses.

A cryptocurrency wallet that’s Free, Secure and Easy to use

Blockchain Agnostic

Interact with multiple blockchain networks within the wallet.


Full control over the funds, therefore much safer and secure.


Storing options; Ledger, Mobile Keystore or React Keychain.


Manage crypto assets from computers or mobile devices.

Meet our friends

" The decentralised world is hard to navigate, but luckily Moonlet provides a secure portal to access this world. We at Zilliqa are proud to partner with this awesome team to scale the adoption of digital assets and bring them to the masses. #ToTheMoon "

— Han Wen Chua, VP, Ecosystem Growth @ Zilliqa

Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer @ Zilliqa

"In the year and a half that I’ve known the Moonlet team, I have come to regard their engineering and product experts to be among the ‘best of the best’ in this industry. With a keen sense of end-user needs and designing seamless and secure user experiences, they’ve got their finger on the pulse of new developments, rapidly adapting and experimenting with new ideas. We recognised their instinct for business and penchant for innovation early on when we brought them on board as our grantees. Today, I’d definitely seize the opportunity to steal this team!"

Aymeric Salley, Head of StraitsX, Digital Assets @ Xfers

"Similar to Xfers, Moonlet has taken the approach to offer blockchain agnostic high quality products. This common vision and scope has nurtured our collaboration and we are very proud that our native token XSGD will be supported from day-one by the Moonlet non-custodial wallet. Moonlet has been a trustful partner and we are looking to further enhance our collaboration in the future."

Desmond Dekker, Product Owner @ Zillacracy

"Putting the user first and building products in an agnostic way has always been challenging, especially in the blockchain space. But Moonlet has proven thus far that it pays an enormous amount of attention to these two areas. Both for end-users as for Dapp developers. In addition they have always been open to discuss and work together on endeavours that will benefit the community as whole."

Milan Shoukri, Marketing Manager @ Zilliqa

"The decentralised world Moonlet allows you to portal into is amazing. It is a beautiful combination of technology, innovation, and aesthetics. Using Moonlet and following its growth gets me excited to see what blockchain technology is capable of."

Dominic Tsang, Head of Business Development @ Solana

"We’ve been really fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the Moonlet team over the past several months. They’ve been consistent, passionate and extremely supportive. While our maxim at Solana has been to enable high-performance blockchain, the outcome we’re really pushing for is greater adoption and reduced friction for end-users and developers alike. To that end it’s great to see them leveraging the lessons learned from their time building tooling for Zilliqa and Ethereum to now deploy the next iteration of their cross-platform SDK solution. We're really excited to see what's to come. "

Kendall Cole, Product Manager @ NEAR Protocol

"Moonlet is building a great solution for managing digital assets. By combining mobile key management and web app flexibility via a seamless handoff, Moonlet opens up the world of decentralised finance."

Security-First Approach

We are proactively looking to identify and improve the security of Moonlet by employing services in terms of grey box penetration testing & vulnerability assessment, as well code review. Check our last security audit report below.

Read our security audit report

Introducing Handshake Login

It just got easier to sync the mobile app accounts, wallets, history and settings with Moonlet browser extension. One tap away for a seamless and unique experience across your devices. Scan the QR code with your mobile app and handshake login feature kicks in and syncs your devices instantly.

Stake now

Coming soon

Our non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet allows you to stake easily and secure all your different crypto assets. Delegate now and start earn passive income!

Ledger Support

Ledger Nano S and Nano X integration adds one more layer of security, the best level of protection developed so far. Users can manage their assets by connecting Ledger device to Moonlet and monitor seamlessly all accounts without exposing any data.

Notifications enabled

Stay informed. Never miss a transaction confirmation. Moonlet notifications feature is a powerful tool to inform users with regards to both outbound and inbound transactions, as well about failed ones.

ZRC-2 & ERC-20 Ready

We are happy to have Moonlet ready for XSGD, pegged 1:1 to the SGD, as Zilliqa’s first ZRC-2 token, as well for any other Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. Tokens changed the face of the cryptocurrency market and these two standards are a vital step for interoperability and scalability on both the Zilliqa and the Ethereum networks.

The other good stuff

We are committed to deliver the best user experience. Check what we achieved so far and what else is in the work and coming soon.

The Portal

(Coming Soon)

We aim to make it easier for DApp builders to be both efficient and effective, acting as a non-custodial middleware service, by offering a wallet as a service portal, which let them seamlessly integrate blockchain services and building blocks into their DApps.

We support businesses to overcome the complexity of building non-custodial blockchain agnostic cross-platform DApps by providing Native and JavaScript SDKs.


There is no need to developed a DApp from scratch since our portal has all features already built in.


DApps can truly focus now on user experience and their core business instead of backstage features.

The Validator

We operate nodes for next-generation blockchain networks and we are committed to support the decentralisation movement forward.

Reliable infrastructure

We run our nodes in top tier data centers distributed worldwide.

High availability

We use enterprise infrastructure with 99.99% uptime SLAs

DDoS protection

We setup our nodes using advanced security and arrays of sentry nodes.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor systems performance KPIs on real time, 24/7.

The effective earning depends on many dynamic variables on each blockchain protocol level. The above results are predictions, therefore we can not guarantee the final earnings. As well, a fee will apply in order to cover all our operational expenses.

The team

Partnerships & Collaborations

Let's talk

Please feel free to get in contact with us. We are always open to receive feedback, discuss about business opportunities and partnerships. Or create a ticket for any issue you might encounter.